Some Stupid Revit Wallpapers

I like making tee shirts and wallpapers. They are all dumb. I recently tweeted a couple Revit related wallpapers that I have show up on my work laptop’s desktop and I thought I would collect them here. Feel free to grab and use on your PC, too! Just click on the image to open the big version and right-click to save it. Enjoy!

Default 3D View – Snoopy’s Doghouse

I always call the Default 3D View button the “Snoopy doghouse button” so, you know…


Demo is not a Phase

Seriously, I say this SO often you’re probably sick of it…


Atari 2600 Revit Cartridge

Mix my love of classic video games and my favorite design software, and here you go!



3 thoughts on “Some Stupid Revit Wallpapers

  1. Autodesk Shareholder says:

    How is demo not a phase? We add it often to our design projects, and it helps with clarity. During construction, demo is definitely it’s own phase, usually performed by a different crew, looking at different drawings, under a different contract.

  2. Jason Kunkel says:

    Couple of things – in Revit, demo should not by default considered its own phase. The Revit tools accommodates for demolition to be a part of the overall construction of a building. There are always times to deviate from that, but the norm is that in Revit demo is just part of a phase, not its own. Also, just because something has a different crew looking at its own drawings under a different contract doesn’t mean it should be its own phase. The plumbing installers typically have different drawings, different crew, and different contract from the masonry guys, but we don’t always say we have a “pipe” phase vs. a “brick” phase… larger projects might break that down, but it’s all just “construction”. But my point is really looking at how Revit wants to deal with these elements. (Sorry for the late reply).

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