What I Learned at AU 2018

This is gonna be an atypical post. I think I am still processing this, and not 100% sure what to do with it. And it's not gonna be a shocker to a lot of you, but it came into sharp focus for me... in Las Vegas of all places. I really enjoy going to conferences … Continue reading What I Learned at AU 2018

What Revit Needs Now

I've been reading Peter Diamandis's great book, Abundance, and it's forcing me to stretch my brain more than I am used to. I am nowhere near smart enough to try to think about big world impacting issues like he outlines, so I thought I'd really noodle on Revit as a tool and try to figure … Continue reading What Revit Needs Now

Tiny Windows and Graphics Cards

Recently saw a Tweet from Tom Whitehead concerning a teeny tiny window that showed up in his Revit. While it wasn't EXACTLY like a problem that has been occurring over the last few years, it looked awful close to a problem that has come up with Revit and desktop management software like nView and Hyrdavision. … Continue reading Tiny Windows and Graphics Cards

Quick Tip – Clean Up After Yourself

After you import a view from another model, clean it up. There is a chance that it brought in some new annotation styles, or detail items. Change them all to corresponding elements already existing in your model, and then delete the newly unused ones that just came in. One of our most notorious examples is … Continue reading Quick Tip – Clean Up After Yourself

My Wishlist – Parameter Concatenation

"Concatenation"... That is a really long word, and full disclosure, I had to Google how to spell it. The opening of the Revit API has done a great job of filling in gaps in Revit with some fantastic solutions. I am all for letting some features be done by third party developers; often they are … Continue reading My Wishlist – Parameter Concatenation


Revit has two types of issues that it tries to make you aware of and deal with, the ERROR and the WARNING. You cannot ignore an Error.  It just won't let you finish the task you are working on.  You have to deal with it right then and there. Warnings will actually tell you in … Continue reading Quick Tip – WARNING WARNING WARNING

Quick Tip – LINK vs IMPORT

Every so often, you may still need to get the linework from an AutoCRAPfile to show up in your Revit views.  I know.  It's sad, but true. I am fully in the camp of not needing ACAD to do drafting. I know there are a LOT of folks out there who swear by this process, … Continue reading Quick Tip – LINK vs IMPORT