Giant PDFs

This isn't the first place this issue has been documented, nor will it be the last place, but it reared its monstrous ugly head the other day. A Revit user was printing out individual PDFs from floor plans, and reported that the filesize was HUGE. I was dubious at the hugeness, so I grabbed a … Continue reading Giant PDFs


Weird Walls: Depth, Height, and Function

Put this in the category of "The Missing Revit Manual" in the same chapter as "View Discipline". Turns out, Wall Function isn't just an extra parameter to filter by. We just came across this one. When you change the Wall Function to FOUNDATION, it forces the placement of those wall types to be "Depth" and … Continue reading Weird Walls: Depth, Height, and Function

Revit 2015 Update 2 – This Isn’t Confusing At All

Autodesk recently released Revit 2015 "R2" for subscription customers (sorry people who don't like to write a check every year!) and while it has some nice features that I am looking forward to, the versioning of Revit 2015 to this point has become almost labyrinthine. In the beginning... First, there was Revit 2015. Makes sense, … Continue reading Revit 2015 Update 2 – This Isn’t Confusing At All

Don’t Forget – Schedule Text Styles Cheat

When is a Text Type not really a Type? Sorry, bad riddle. This is one of those stupid seemingly insignificant inconsistencies within Revit that I 1) forget about after a few weeks and 2) when I remember I scratch my head and say "Really?" I love View Templates. The new ones that actually do what … Continue reading Don’t Forget – Schedule Text Styles Cheat

My Heart Breaks a-new

Another new Revit, another disappointment. Yes, I know new features lists have been out for a while and people have been using 2015 for some time now, but some things just... the hurt is TOO MUCH, you know? Seriously, now that View Templates are working like they should, and have been for some time, why … Continue reading My Heart Breaks a-new

Cloud Credit Chaos

So, this has happened twice now. Autodesk has lost my Cloud Credits twice. I think I understand the changes that Autodesk made to the credits since they were introduced; the migration from overall pooled to individuals having 100 credits, the introduction of having to buy "shared" credits, etc. All I can do about these changes … Continue reading Cloud Credit Chaos