Linking Excel Data Into Navisworks – Part 2 Exporting Data

The first article in this series got us through the potentially confusing steps of selecting items in our Navisworks file based on Revit criteria. Now that we have our items selected (either from the Set we made or just because we have them selected)¬†we are ready to move on to the next step; selecting the … Continue reading Linking Excel Data Into Navisworks – Part 2 Exporting Data


Linking Excel Data Into Navisworks – Part 1 Selecting Elements

Let's work with collecting some information from an appended Revit model in Navisworks. For my example, I need to add hardware and keying information to all of my doors. This data could be easily collected in Revit itself, but there are a lot of owners out there who don't have or use Revit; there is … Continue reading Linking Excel Data Into Navisworks – Part 1 Selecting Elements

Linking Excel Data Into Navisworks – Intro

We all know Navisworks mainly as an amazing aggregator of various model formats, but you can also link in data straight to items within the Navisworks file. This might feel like you are editing the data, but you aren't. It is still simply collecting that data and aligning it, some of that data just happens … Continue reading Linking Excel Data Into Navisworks – Intro

Add-In File Locations

Has it been two months since I posted? Yikes. Well, I had the need to track down a Revit add-in and I went to the usual spots to find it... but it wasn't there! I am used to finding my add-in reference files in one of two locations: C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Revit\Addins for add-ins that can be accessed … Continue reading Add-In File Locations

Revit Add-in Order

I'm that guy who has a lot of apps on my phone. "Oh, that might be neat," I say to myself and I download an app. And then I don't use it but I don't uninstall it because I might use it. But then I don't. But I still don't uninstall it. I'm not as … Continue reading Revit Add-in Order

My Webinar Setup

It's been a bit longer than I like since I've made a post here. In truth, I've been putting a lot of my posting effort over on, beefing up the technical posts on that site. It's been fun, but I have missed dropping a note or two over here. I figured there's not much … Continue reading My Webinar Setup

Making COBie Sexy

I've had the pleasure of being part of the team responsible for the Autodesk Revit Interoperabiity Tools, and it's been a treat helping to figure out how to make the best tool and continue to refine them. They have been in development and available in one form or another for a couple years now, but … Continue reading Making COBie Sexy