Ceilings Need a Facelift

I've had it up to here (about 8' above finish floor - HA!) with ceilings. There are a couple things in Revit that feel like they need an overhaul, and I would like to nominate ceilings and their related functions. First off - The structure of the ceilings for ACT.  Why a hatch?  Why can … Continue reading Ceilings Need a Facelift


The Need for Organization In Views

I love standards.  Standards let everyone in the firm hop from project to project with ease.  Hopefully this isn't something I have to sell you on. Something standards related that a good BIM user needs, is organization.  Back in the days of CADD, individual file management was important, but one could muddle through a directory … Continue reading The Need for Organization In Views

Good Personnel BIM Article

My deployment team has been having a hard time explaining the need for change in hiring and internal personnel as we migrate from CADD to BIM. I found this article and it does a phenomenal job at pointing out the needs on this issue.  Well worth a read for anyone in this process right now.

Where Is My DWF Viewer That Fits In My Pocket

I wrapped up the three day class today and went over Revit's nice DWF integration. It's clean simple and works well. Beautiful. Right now, I'm sitting in an elementary school hallway waiting to pick up my kid from play practice (they're doing Willie Wonka, since I know you asked). I have downloaded the WordPress app … Continue reading Where Is My DWF Viewer That Fits In My Pocket

Boot Camp and Phases

Second day of training wrapped up.  I always get a bit panicky, looking over my notes and thinking that there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that I can cover all the material.  But we always seem to make it through. Each time I do the class, I find myself adjusting the emphasis on certain sections.  With … Continue reading Boot Camp and Phases

Time for Teaching

Tomorrow I'm starting three days of training for some of our architects and architectural staff on Revit Architecture.  I'll be teaching, as I'm doing once a month now.  It's surprising how exhausted you can get of just standing/sitting and talking for the whole day.  I am pretty much wiped when 5:00 comes around at the … Continue reading Time for Teaching