Bad Pun? Worst Pun

So I thought I would take a stab at the rendering side of things for an easy Sunday morning.  It's Super Bowl day and I am an idiot, so I give you... THE SUPER BOWL The materials dialog has gotten an upgrade from 2008, and it is using the same back-end as Max now.  So … Continue reading Bad Pun? Worst Pun


Keep Your Hands Dirty

I often find that folks in an IT/CADD/BIM support role often find themselves a step or two away from some of the actual issues production folks might end up with.  It's understandable, the economics of the situation forces us to spend time in crisis mode.  However, this shell can keep us from identifying hidden issues … Continue reading Keep Your Hands Dirty

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

We are using stacked walls almost exclusively for our exterior walls.  It gives a nice organizational structure for the architects, and it lets the structural guys have their own "wall" at the bottom for foundations that they can control. This lends itself to some issues that we are working through, ones that I'll probably address … Continue reading Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Hello world!

The grand experiment?  Perhaps, knowing my desire to be lazy. Good morning!  I'm an IT director for a large east coast architecture/engineering firm.  We are about two years into our Revit deployment.  I thought I would find a nice spot to throw out some of what we've done with good old Revit.  The highlights, the … Continue reading Hello world!