Quick Tip – DWG Link Foreground vs Background

The default setting for linking in a DWG file is one of those things that consistently confuses my users for a couple seconds, and I'm with them. It's a little obtuse. First of all, you are linking and not importing, RIGHT?! Secondly, this is also assuming you are linking your DWG to a single view, … Continue reading Quick Tip – DWG Link Foreground vs Background


Quick Tip – LINK vs IMPORT

Every so often, you may still need to get the linework from an AutoCRAPfile to show up in your Revit views.  I know.  It's sad, but true. I am fully in the camp of not needing ACAD to do drafting. I know there are a LOT of folks out there who swear by this process, … Continue reading Quick Tip – LINK vs IMPORT

Infraworks 360 Initial Thoughts

I'm having a lot of fun with my 30 day trial of Infraworks 360. Being in the arch end of the design world, I never paid much attention to Infraworks Naught, but our friends at Autodesk have been pushing the 360 end of it hard, specifically Model Builder. "Pushing". We'll come back to that in … Continue reading Infraworks 360 Initial Thoughts

You Know What I Would Love?

I would really like to be able to "convert" a view to a drafting view.  I could totally use this with some 3D views we have of mock up panels from one project that we want in another project, but we don't want the mock up panel itself (because where would it go?  And don't … Continue reading You Know What I Would Love?

Revit Keyplans – Can I Make This Any More Difficult?

Keyplans are one of those functions that I hope and hope and hope one day will have an easy way to get working in my project. Right now, we have an 8 step procedure that we try to teach people how to use.  "8 steps," I hear you saying, "That's not bad."  Except that each … Continue reading Revit Keyplans – Can I Make This Any More Difficult?

Wow. A Whole Year. And Patterns

A year since I've written anything.  Nuts.  I'm not one for resolutions... so I'll just leave it at that. I was struggling trying to make some fill patterns manually today.  Have you ever tried to do those by hand?  Yeah, I think Rainman worked up the syntax for those files.  So, making them by hand is … Continue reading Wow. A Whole Year. And Patterns

It’s All In The Details

There are many misconceptions out there about Revit.  Some of these are holdovers from early versions, some are just bad ideas that people latched onto some time ago that they haven't let go of.  Like Crocs or calling chicken sandwiches "burgers".  One of those "Revit Rumors" has been popping up on my radar - Twitter, … Continue reading It’s All In The Details