A Little Dash of IT Magic for Deployments

The nature of deployments means that they will most likely end up on a network server somewhere. But for one reason or another, you might not want to just dive in and create those deployments right on the server: you could be running out of space, you might be testing out a new configuration, or … Continue reading A Little Dash of IT Magic for Deployments


Revit Deployment Time

It's that joyous time of year again! The time when the "first" service pack comes out for my favorite design software and I start thinking about deployments! I wrote a very detailed deployment article some years back, and most of it still fits, however I have been able to tweak the code slightly. Here is … Continue reading Revit Deployment Time

Autodesk Application Manager Annoyance

If you're like me, you get annoyed with extra software getting installed on your user's PCs without your control. I like streamlining deployments as much as possible, I do all I can to keep users from installing software on their own, etc. With the 2015 branded software, Autodesk introduced the Autodesk Application Manager. In theory, … Continue reading Autodesk Application Manager Annoyance

Revit 2013 One Box Deployment Problem

We are working on getting our installation for Revit 2013 ready and have stumbled across an issue that the deployment can have. Leveraging the power of the "One Box", we planned on putting the deployment files on the server, and simply tweak the deployment for multiple disciplines.  Save a ton of server space!  High five! Well, everything … Continue reading Revit 2013 One Box Deployment Problem

Our Mama Bear Size Revit 2011 Deployment

Heads up!  This post is kinda heavy on the IT end of things.  EDIT: Code snippets included at bottom... You've been warned. Just this week I finally got around to pulling the trigger on our 2011 installation of Revit Architecture, MEP, and Structure.  This goes to about 120 PCs over six offices in the firm.  We … Continue reading Our Mama Bear Size Revit 2011 Deployment

Commitees Suck for Deploying Software

I know the drill.  Hey look!  New software!  Let's set up a committee!  Let's get everyone's input!  Let's hold hands and sing folk songs and this software will magically deploy itself when butterflies flit around and run the installation files on everyone's PC. No no no. As architects, we like design charettes.  We like to … Continue reading Commitees Suck for Deploying Software

Media Control During Your Revit Deployment

Several years back, I went through a Microstation (with PArch - yeah to the Intergraphers in the house!) to ADT migration.  I would absolutely categorize major portions of it as a disaster.  At least looking back on it I would call it a disaster.  I was able to build on that experience to coordinate and … Continue reading Media Control During Your Revit Deployment