Standards, Mud, and the Middle Ground

Over at the ever excellent Revit OpEd blog, Steve Stafford recently posted a response to a Quick Tip I, uh, recently posted. His post does a great job of thoroughly explaining the issue I hinted at (and frankly, makes me a little ashamed that I didn't go into much detail.) My initial response was, "Holy … Continue reading Standards, Mud, and the Middle Ground


This… Is My BIM Stick!

Every so often it's important to pull out the big guns.  I have always said that any kind of graphics or documenting standards are written in mud.  Almost stone, but changeable when necessary. There are some things that we do, and I bet there are some things that you do, that should NOT be done … Continue reading This… Is My BIM Stick!

Our Mama Bear Size Revit 2011 Deployment

Heads up!  This post is kinda heavy on the IT end of things.  EDIT: Code snippets included at bottom... You've been warned. Just this week I finally got around to pulling the trigger on our 2011 installation of Revit Architecture, MEP, and Structure.  This goes to about 120 PCs over six offices in the firm.  We … Continue reading Our Mama Bear Size Revit 2011 Deployment

Help Your Project Manager – Before He Kills you

To our chagrin, we have discovered that our number one hurdle with transitioning to Revit is not the software learning curve, it's not the user's need to shift to a new workflow mindset, it's not even convincing PICs or the board that it's time to buy new licenses.  It's the Project Managers. You need to … Continue reading Help Your Project Manager – Before He Kills you

What’s in a Name?

Objects in Revit have parameters.  Everyone knows this.  Some have many many parameters.  I absolutely think it's impractical and time wasting to fill in every single one.  However, there are many that get overlooked that actually can help us out. Case in point - the name of reference planes. Usually, you slap down a reference … Continue reading What’s in a Name?

Commitees Suck for Deploying Software

I know the drill.  Hey look!  New software!  Let's set up a committee!  Let's get everyone's input!  Let's hold hands and sing folk songs and this software will magically deploy itself when butterflies flit around and run the installation files on everyone's PC. No no no. As architects, we like design charettes.  We like to … Continue reading Commitees Suck for Deploying Software

Media Control During Your Revit Deployment

Several years back, I went through a Microstation (with PArch - yeah to the Intergraphers in the house!) to ADT migration.  I would absolutely categorize major portions of it as a disaster.  At least looking back on it I would call it a disaster.  I was able to build on that experience to coordinate and … Continue reading Media Control During Your Revit Deployment