BILT and Workset1

In the world of the Internet, I definitely waited too long for a BILT NA 2017 recap. Here's my summary: I went, I talked, I learned a lot, it was awesome. Seriously, it's a fantastic conference if you have any interest in technology and the design and construction of buildings. I am a nerd at … Continue reading BILT and Workset1

SLOG it Out – Cannot Find Central File

This is probably one of those things that isn't exactly the right thing to do, but it has helped us out on several occasions. For some reason, there is this one guy on this one workstation working on this one project (it actually happens on two projects, I just didn't want to kill the narrative!) … Continue reading SLOG it Out – Cannot Find Central File

Workset and Copy/Monitor Glitch

Yes, yes, I know everyone is excited about the release of Revit 2012, but I have a little 2011 issue that I thought I would share with everyone.  And in all honesty, I don't even know if this is a problem in 2012, but I figured we'd still be using 2011 for some time so … Continue reading Workset and Copy/Monitor Glitch

I Can’t Read Your Mind, Revit

The editing request "feature" in Revit has officially been put on the NEVER EVER USE list in our office.  It joins the ranks of "Insert DWG File" and "That one vendor who called and claimed he was calling me about jury duty to try and trick the receptionist" (true story.) For the most part, worksets … Continue reading I Can’t Read Your Mind, Revit