My Ego Page

Probably better to call this the “About the Author” page.

Hi there. I’m Jason Kunkel.

I graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in architecture back in 1995.  Soon after, I started work as a CADD draftsperson/architectural intern.

My love of technology (edit: am a nerd) and passion for design led me down the road of IT and design software support.

Currently, I work as the AEC Manager for CADD Microsystems in their Richmond, VA office. I have been know to do a webinar or two and can be found speaking at conferences such as BILT and AU. Come say “hi”!

I live in central Virginia, have two kids, and an obsession with Lego.

And I love pie.

2 thoughts on “My Ego Page

  1. Jim Sullivan says:

    Thank you Jason about the recovery note file. I am a sole practitioner who uses REVIT LT 13;
    Do I really need to upgrade? Presently just working on residential projects.
    Thank you.

  2. Jason Kunkel says:

    Not sure what your specific needs are for support and licensing, but that might be something to evaluate to see if 2013 is still OK to use. As far as Revit LT, it sounds like you are the perfect audience for it. Single user small projects is definitely it’s sweet spot.

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