Some Stupid Revit Wallpapers

I like making tee shirts and wallpapers. They are all dumb. I recently tweeted a couple Revit related wallpapers that I have show up on my work laptop's desktop and I thought I would collect them here. Feel free to grab and use on your PC, too! Just click on the image to open the … Continue reading Some Stupid Revit Wallpapers

What Revit Needs Now

I've been reading Peter Diamandis's great book, Abundance, and it's forcing me to stretch my brain more than I am used to. I am nowhere near smart enough to try to think about big world impacting issues like he outlines, so I thought I'd really noodle on Revit as a tool and try to figure … Continue reading What Revit Needs Now

The 100 Things Every Revit User Should Know

Back at the old CADD Blog, I just wrapped a series of tips blog posts covering a hodge-podge of tips and tricks for Revit users that I (and many other) have collected over the years. I thought I'd like to collect them all here for easy clicking. Enjoy! 100 THINGS EVERY REVIT USER SHOULD KNOW … Continue reading The 100 Things Every Revit User Should Know

Revit Model Performance Is Not a Magic Bullet

I get many opportunities to audit and review Revit project models. When I am approached by a company and asked people are invariably looking for that one thing that is slowing their model down. They want a smoking gun and I 100% understand. I like the quick fix, too. Unfortunately, it's usually not that simple. … Continue reading Revit Model Performance Is Not a Magic Bullet

Autodesk University 2017 Top Sessions and Tips on Speaking

This past November, I had the good fortune of presenting a session at Autodesk University 2017 with my office neighbor Donnie Gladfelter. Our session, Overcoming the Seven Deadly Sins of Corporate Training Programs, was just tagged as one of the top rated sessions at AU this past year. First off of, I am really proud … Continue reading Autodesk University 2017 Top Sessions and Tips on Speaking

BILT and Workset1

In the world of the Internet, I definitely waited too long for a BILT NA 2017 recap. Here's my summary: I went, I talked, I learned a lot, it was awesome. Seriously, it's a fantastic conference if you have any interest in technology and the design and construction of buildings. I am a nerd at … Continue reading BILT and Workset1

For Your Consideration…

Autodesk University has introduced voting for its courses this year, and I have made a handful of submissions that I would love you to think about voting for.  It's just like the Oscars!  Sort of! You can get to the voting site here, and you can search for my proposals by their names below.  It … Continue reading For Your Consideration…