Quick Tip – Family Names

When you are naming a family whether in your model or elsewhere, you need to avoid any “wacky” characters, especially \ / ” ‘ ; etc. Your best bet is to just use letters, numbers, spaces, underscores “_” and dashes “-“.

Since your family can be saved as a completely separate file, the naming needs to follow Windows name rules. If it finds a wacky character when you go to edit it, you might end up with a totally different file opening up.

Quick Tip – Workset Rule of Thumb

Be sure to have a Workset for each Revit file that you link in. It is also important to be smart about Worksets that you use for your DWG links. Have at least one Workset for all the DWG links, and possibly break it up to multiple logical groups.

Don’t go crazy, though. You want to keep your number of Worksets as low and manageable as possible.