These Aren’t Your Standards

There’s a joke that many of you probably know…

And it’s funny because it’s true.

Something that is important to avoid when working at a firm and setting up or refining the BIM or CAD standards: these are not YOUR standards… they are the COMPANY standards.

It is detrimental to the ultimate goal of adoption to have the users think of the standards as yours. They need to be thought of as everyone’s.

This is going to take effort to make sure everyone gets listened to. It does not mean that everyone gets what they want, but they do get a chance to voice their mind.

This is going to take you giving up some things that you feel in your gut would be better for everyone.

This is going to take time to make sure everything is properly covered.

But when you create a set of standards that are not tied to an individual, there is far more buy-in. It also makes it easier to let them evolve or pass them off to someone else to nurture and maintain.