Let’s Try Something New

It’s a new year (happy 2020!) and it has been quite some time since I’ve spent time blogging here (happy 2018!)

As a design technology consultant, I have a great opportunity to blog about Revit and related topics over at my work blog. So aside from some more “experimental” and unsupported hacks, I don’t actually need to write that kind of stuff down here anymore.

I thought I would try something new this year.

Shifting gears

As a manager of other design technology consultants, I’ve found the need to collect and share my thoughts about consulting with my team. I’m far from perfect, but I’ve had a couple decades to test out how to do things, and how not to do things. I like to think that I’ve found some tactics that work for me, and I’ve worked with me teammates to try to find tactics that work for them, too.

A lot of this is related to the presentation the Donnie Gladfelter and I did at AU 2019 concerning how NOT to be a BIM or CAD manager. I found myself wanting to spend more time on some of the topics.

I was never trained for this

The biggest factor is that most of us who find ourselves in a design technology support role never intended to end up here. For a lot of us, it wasn’t even a thing and now that it is, we are scrambling to fill in the skill gaps.

So for the next several months, at least, this blog is going to shift its focus to try and help those out there who, like me, found themselves in this new role, doing their best to tread water.

But I came here for the Revit

Yeah, I know. I started this for the Revit. If you still want that, feel free to keep an eye on the CADD Microsystems blog. I still write about Revit and related technology there.

I hope you stick around with me for this writing experiment, and more importantly, I hope you find it helpful.

Happy 2020!