Poor Interior Designers

I don’t mean the title of this post sarcastically, I do mean it in relation to good old Revit.

I recently had the pleasure to sit down with our Interior Designers group for an Autodesk webinar titled “Revit Architecture and Interior Design”.  Well, it was a pleasure to sit with them, not so much the presentation.

It wasn’t the presenter, it was completely the material, or lack thereof.  We have been working hard to fully integrate our designers with the rest of the project team on our Revit models.  Unfortunately, it is only halfway (quarterway?) there.  We wanted to see the tools for easy floor pattern design!  We wanted to see the commitment from manufacturer’s to get consistent and proper families into Revit!  We wanted to see better integration of room object finish information and the actual model!

We didn’t see these things.  They don’t exist yet.

We saw rendering (nice!), Autodesk Seek (spotty) and integration with Inventor (what?!)

I have a feeling that the Interior Designer is not on the marketshare target for Autodesk yet.  The in house solutions we are putting together are piecemeal at best.  We get frustrated that they cannot fully take advantage of the parametric engine that is Revit’s bread and butter.  We cross our fingers that this will be remedied in future releases.


One thought on “Poor Interior Designers

  1. Erik says:

    AMEN! I sat through the same presentation (also in the company of designers) and I was at best disapointed. I usually get at least one new thing (or a restatement of something I had forgotten) in each of ADSK’s presentations, but this one was lacking. Not that the others are all that indepth, but they are usually good intros to a particular subject.

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